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How to answer, "So what are you up to now?" when you're doing nothing.

Since I’ve graduated (about close to a year now) from university this question has been the bane of my existence. If things had worked out as they should have the answer would be easy.  For example: Well meaning acquaintances/friends or family I haven’t seen in awhile:  Overeducated? Is that you? Oh my God! How are you? … Continue reading

Too Close to Home

This was my plan A… like every other Arts student. Well, it could have been  worse.

False Starts

It has been awhile since I last made a post, but I’m trying again, much more committed this time.  This post isn’t about anything, per se, but its sort of an introduction to this blog.   I am a recent university graduate, with a B.A. in history and gender studies, who applied and got rejected from grad … Continue reading