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false starts

False Starts

It has been awhile since I last made a post, but I’m trying again, much more committed this time.  This post isn’t about anything, per se, but its sort of an introduction to this blog.   I am a recent university graduate, with a B.A. in history and gender studies, who applied and got rejected from grad school and is now spending this year getting myself together so I can reapply next academic year. So this is sorta the diary of a grad school reject, and something that I thought I would do to help me make sense of it all. And hopefully, if anyone ever reads it,  this blog will be a forum  for people like myself to share their experiences.  But before I continue, two things about this  blog,1)  I consider it to be a safe space and so I’ll be pretty vigilant about monitoring the comments, 2) Me and grammar are not friends, and probably never will be so be prepared for typos, and overuse of commas. Other than that,  I’m not entirely sure what will be posted here but it will  most often be something about education. That leaves where I’m at now.  Well the answer is not far. Not far at all. Right now I am currently taking a few undergrad courses as a non-degree to student to make my transcript look more attractive and researching grad programs, while figuring out my next move. Well that’s about it for now, but I plan on posting frequently.



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