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So you wanna do what? But why?- Getting a second Bachelor’s Degree

As I have mentioned here before, I recently earned a degree in History and am thinking of getting a second B.A. in Communications. Going back to school  for me was initially about putting myself in a better position to get into my top pick graduate program, but having been thrust into the job market in … Continue reading

A Loser’s Game? : Weighing the Costs of Applying to or Attending Law School

Is Law School a Losing Game?, by David Segal, has been making its way around the  internet since it was published last week on the New York Times website.  In it, Segal reports on some of the faulty accounting practices many law schools in the U.S.  employ to calculate misleading  graduate employment rates in order to … Continue reading

Staying Put

(This is a post I meant to publish earlier but never got around to doing so.) As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a recent university graduate  taking some extra courses in order to improve my chances of getting into grad school next year.  So far this term has been interesting to say … Continue reading

Last Term – An Evaluation

So last term, Fall 2010, was an  important term for me, not only because I was supposed to use that time to place myself in a better position to apply to grad school come January and February  2011, but also because it was my first time taking university courses in my hometown and surrounded by people … Continue reading