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false starts, where I'm at right now

Staying Put

(This is a post I meant to publish earlier but never got around to doing so.)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a recent university graduate  taking some extra courses in order to improve my chances of getting into grad school next year.  So far this term has been interesting to say the least, and now that its almost over I have mixed feelings about it.  When your taking courses as part of your degree its easier to stay motivated because you need them in order to graduate, but on the other hand you can  take them for granted because, hey, you’ll be around for awhile. So when you only have one term, your feelings are the same but only … lets say heightened. On the one had you have a lot riding on doing really well in your courses because you may not be taking anymore courses at the undergraduate level, but you don’t have the greater goal of completing a degree to motivate you. On top of that you get to feeling a little burnt out because really, this could lead to nothing, and you’ve done all before and its no where near as exciting the second time around. I think that’s where I’m at right now and its not a very good feeling, especially when you factor in how much I’m paying to do this.



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