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Catholic School and Feminism

A few days ago I came across this article via Shameless about an officer and  representative of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) who, at a campus safety information session held at York University’s  Osgoode Hall, advised women to not to dress like “sluts” in order to avoid  sexual assault. I don’t think I have to outline why … Continue reading

A Mystery Solved at The AGO

About a year ago, while I was considering my academic and professional options, I started to think seriously about applying to U of T’s museum studies master’s program.  So while I was trying to figure things out, I decided to volunteer at the Bata Shoe Museum as a docent and front desk attendant.  Bata is … Continue reading

Mesclun Mix- The Myth of Canadian Multiculturalism

My sister and I are second generation Canadians. We were born and raised in Toronto, but both our parents immigrated to Canada from Ghana some 20 odd years ago. Being  raised in Canada, especially Toronto, you are taught from the time  you are old enough speak  in complex sentences  to cultivate a strong sense of pride in  … Continue reading