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African Dutch Wax

The part of Toronto I live in is a pretty ethnically and racially mixed area. While I can’t give you its exact demographics, I think it would be pretty fair to say that a relatively large portion of the neighborhood is comprised of people of West and Central African origin or descent. It is often referred to, lovingly, … Continue reading

Mesclun Mix- The Myth of Canadian Multiculturalism

My sister and I are second generation Canadians. We were born and raised in Toronto, but both our parents immigrated to Canada from Ghana some 20 odd years ago. Being  raised in Canada, especially Toronto, you are taught from the time  you are old enough speak  in complex sentences  to cultivate a strong sense of pride in  … Continue reading

Kidulthood – Your 20s as a Prolonged Adolescence

One of the very few upsides to being unemployed is that you’re able to dedicate a good chunk of your time to catching up on your reading.  For me this consists of a steady diet of blogs, online magazines, CBC News, and whatever daily free content the Globe and Mail and the New York Times … Continue reading

So you wanna do what? But why?- Getting a second Bachelor’s Degree

As I have mentioned here before, I recently earned a degree in History and am thinking of getting a second B.A. in Communications. Going back to school  for me was initially about putting myself in a better position to get into my top pick graduate program, but having been thrust into the job market in … Continue reading

A Loser’s Game? : Weighing the Costs of Applying to or Attending Law School

Is Law School a Losing Game?, by David Segal, has been making its way around the  internet since it was published last week on the New York Times website.  In it, Segal reports on some of the faulty accounting practices many law schools in the U.S.  employ to calculate misleading  graduate employment rates in order to … Continue reading